Take a walk in the park day – March 30th

You may notice a theme here but if you do not, I am intrigued by these fun calendar holidays. I am constantly looking for something new and different to do with my family but also to blog about. I think it is a fun way to shine a light on things that might otherwise be overlooked. Like this Take a walk in The Park Day that happens on March 30th!

No, this isn’t something I made up ha-ha! It’s an actual day that is on a the National Calendar, it is observed annually and I am 100% behind it!

Naturally, I wanted to take this opportunity to mention several new parks in the Western suburbs that are worth checking out this year. So take this as a challenge and pick a park to #TakeAWalkInTheParkDay

Oak Brook Park District Sandlot-A Universal Playground
Central Park, 1300 Forest Gate Road, Oak Brook, IL

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This new playground is designed so everyone, regardless of age, ability, or critical illness, will have the opportunity to socialize, play, and explore together.

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Cantigny Park Playground
1 S 151 Winfield Road, Wheaton, IL

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This playground is made to look like a grain silo, storage barn and water tower. A huge upgrade to what used to be here. I am super excited to introduce the kids to this one and since you are there, this is the perfect park to take a walk. You will enjoy lush gardens and some amazing historical aspects as well. Plan to spend a whole day here.

Conrad Fischer Park 200 E Diversey Ave, Elmhurst, IL

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Conrad Fischer Park features a playground and several sports fields and courts, including a futsal court. 

Sensory Garden and Playground
2751 Navistar Drive Lisle, IL

I can not wait to take the kids to this park. It looks absolutely amazing.
But according to Mommy Nearest, this horse-themed green and white playground has a barn, horses for bouncing and riding, slides, swings, a seesaw and climbing mound.

Image result for sensory garden playground lisle il

So where will you go on this #TakeAWalkInTheParkDay ?

If you need more, check out my 2018 list of 40 parks to visit: 40-parks-to-visit-in-the-western-suburbs-this-summer/

x, Dijana

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x, Dijana

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